Blog for my three boys 17 Sept 2017

Hi to the 3 of you

Just thought I haven’t added a video for a while… So I need to do that next time 🙂

Hope you are OK and staying happy… You’ll be back in school by now and hope you enjoy it. I know it’s “still” school but hope you still like it a little 🙂
Ash, not sure where you are in education or work, but thinking of you and hope you’re finding life good for you.

My work is OK, I’m still working with the trains in Milton Keynes too.
I was in Ireland last week and my Mum and Dad (May and Jimmy) say Hi to the three of you. I have a picture below of me in Wexford and me and my Dad out for a meal as well.

Right that’s it for now. Remember I love you so much and I have always been thinking of the three of you. I am here for you whenever you want to call or see me.

Love your Dad Ronan x


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