Blog number 16 for my three boys….

🙂 I’m back….. Sorry about the delay since my last blog to you.

Let’s just say, I was attempting to let things take their natural course…. but that could take a long time so here I am ta-da! 🙂

Quick update for you;
I am still doing Karate, running 10-15 miles per week, and being super healthy.

Myself and Celia were back in Ireland visiting my Mum and Dad a couple of weeks ago and we also saw Sharon, Martin, and Martin Junior. The two girls Eimear and Aoife were  out so didn’t see them. Saw my Aunt Nell though and she looked really well.

We still have the two cats Sammy and Poppy, but the last goldfish (5years old) passed away a couple of months ago 😦
So I got three Bonsai trees instead, I call them Ash, Thomas and Danny 🙂

And a couple of photos;

Me, two weeks ago on a Network Rail Charity run (Looking exhausted)





Love the three of you and miss you lots. Happy days for all the days. Thinking of you always xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Ashley Meyler, Thomas Meyler, Danny Meyler, Ash Pullen, Thomas Pullen, Danny Pullen, Ronan meyler
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