Blog Number 13 for my three boys


A little late this month… I was on holiday, so thought I’d wait until I got back.

I hope the three of you are happy and being good 🙂

The year is flying by and it won’t be long until Christmas is here and the cold and the snow… I still have your sledges, if you remember the red ones…

Just to let you know, I am still working with Network Rail, and live with Celia, who I am sure you remember. Life is good, and I am staying healthy.
I am trying to make sure you know that I miss you like crazy and also will be going to visit the court again soon, so that they can make sure you know how much I miss you and also to work out why you might have had any bad feelings about me.

Also if you ever want to talk, either let your Mum know, or maybe a teacher can help.

Not many pictures this month, I’ll have more next month.But here is one of Celia and me on holiday in Lanzarote


I miss you and think of you always….

Love you

Dad (Ronan) xxxxx

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