Blog number 12 for my three boys

Hi to the three of you… It’s the last day of August 2015….

I thought I would put up some photos of where I live and work in Milton Keynes…

The lake photo, is of the lake I run around most days I run.. It’s so peaceful and calm, and it’s only 2 miles from my house…


The big building photo below, is the inside of Network Rail where I work.. there are over three thousand people in there, so it’s really big…


And here is a photo of myself and Celia’s two cats, and then a photo of myself and Celia in Birmingham…. (We went to Cadburys World Chocolate Factory too 🙂 Yummy)


Celia and Ronan Leeds


“Be what you are, because you were not born to impress someone”


I am Ok, and life is pretty good too. I think of the three of you all the time, and really do miss you.

Remember I am here for you always, and I would love for you to contact me sometime.

Thinking of you always and love you more than life…

Your Dad

Ronan x

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