Blog number 11 for my three boys

Blog number 11,and it’s the 1st of August 2015. I also emailed the three of you yesterday which I do at the beginning of every month. I love you and won’t give up on you.

Right back to happier times :

Guess what I was going through Facebook and saw this picture… What a great photo of the three of you;


Here’s one of me and two of my mates too;


And of course one I found one of my Dad and I;

Dad and I

And Celia and I too 🙂


I hope you are happy and healthy and are enjoying the school holidays.At least the weather should be good 🙂 And you can get outside.

Remember I am always thinking of you and trying my hardest to ensure you know all that has happened and how much I miss and love you x

I will continue to email each month and do a monthly blog too… And I am “ALWAYS” here for you if you ever contact me.

I love you all so so so much..

Your Dad

Ronan x

Ashley Pullen, Thomas Pullen, Daniel Pullen, Ashley Meyler, Thomas Meyler, Daniel Meyler

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