Blog number 7 for my three boys:)

Just over half way through April and the weather’s so nice it feels like summer… let’s see how long that lasts :>)

I hope the three of you, Ashley, Thomas and Daniel are enjoying the weather and getting outside in the fresh air. Remember if you ever want to visit me in Milton Keynes, let your Mum know.

Celia and I went to a Poetry/singing open mic night in Stoney Stratford this week and did my “song” Insecurity as a “Poem” (picture below, I may get a better picture soon… and I’ll put that up)…

It was a good night with lots of different acts.

Scribal Gathering

My Mum and Dad (May and Jimmy) are coming over this weekend, so I’ll make sure I get some photos then too. We will be seeing Maura, Tony, Katy, Jay and Jacob too… So that will be nice.

“We’ve only one life to live
So love what you do”

The Sript

As always… I am here for you and anytime you want to see me just let me know.

Love for always, your Dad


Ashley Pullen, Thomas Pullen, Daniel Pullen, Ronan Meyler. Ashley Meyler, Thomas Meyler, Daniel Meyler…

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