Blog number 6 for my 3 boys…

Hi again…

April and a long weekend for me, and some form of mid-term break for you three. I hope you have fun, and stay safe and happy.

I have a few more photots put up. The first one is Madhu and Raj and Celia, Madhu and Celia work together at the Open University, the second one is of more Pizzas 🙂 ,the third one of the Bird house myself and Ashley made, and the 4th one is of me about 8 years old (the silly one with the hurl) with my family and the neighbours.





Advice quote;
“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”
Muhammad Ali

I am well, work is ok, I am healthy, I miss you like crazy x

And………………………………. Just a quick reminder, that  I am always thinking of you three. I miss you and will always be here for you if you ever want to contact me.

Love Dad xxxxxxxxxxx

Thomas Meyler, Ashley Meyler, Daniel Meyler, Thomas Pullen, Ashley Pullen, Daniel Pullen, Ronan Meyler

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